The outbound capabilities of JODO Voice extend through Manual, Preview,  Progressive, Predictive and Blended Outbound dialing, ensuring the best utilization of your resources based on their availability, irrespective of location, language and device

Communication channels

  • Multimedia – Video calling, conferencing and support features for customer services, meetings, seminars, webinars and other visual communications, including screen share facilities.
  • Text-Based – providing multiple channels with SMS, email, and web chat, utilizing the same granular routing capabilities as inbound Voice.
  • Outbound Voice – Preview, Predictive, Progressive dialing options available with selection and filtering, based on user inputs from enterprise systems or provided lists, ready to run in minutes.
  • Social Media – integrating with Facebook, Twitter, and other solutions, providing direct access to online accounts, auto-responders and monitoring.

Outbound Features

  • OUTBOUND MANUAL DIALING: Allows resources to form their own dialing list and conduct 1-to-1 outbound calls.
  • OUTBOUND PREVIEW DIALING: Allows resources to select specific records from within a dialing list.
  • OUTBOUND PROGRESSIVE DIALING: Allows automation of dialing plans, automatically run based on resource availability.
  • OUTBOUND PREDICTIVE DIALING: Allows for a pre-emptive dialing plan, based on resources expected availability.


  • OUTBOUND MESSENGER DIALING: Allows business messaging to be relayed to a customer list via automation techniques.
  • LEAST COST ROUTING (LCR): Provides automated cost-effective dialing across geographies.
  • BLENDED ROUTING (INBOUND AND OUTBOUND): Increases resource productivity by automating a blend of inbound calls and outbound campaign calls.