Consumers today have literally hundreds of methods of communications available to them – Instant Messaging, Voice, Video, Chat, Social Media, Mobile and Web Apps. The recent explosion of available channels presents challenges for small businesses, large enterprises, and traditional contact centers – all of which are struggling to maintain a presence across this ever-expanding landscape with their existing solutions. JODO Cloud is designed to provide a complete platform for expanding digital businesses – and a smooth passage from legacy, on-site communications to the digitized and connected online world. Removing the need for local telephony, architecture, data storage and IT infrastructure, JODO Cloud provides truly cost-effective unified communications on a global scale – in real-time.

What makes JODO Cloud different?

JODO Cloud was developed to combine and simplify complex Contact Center environments, where resources are spread across a wide area or technologies are constrained to a local area, JODO Cloud allows you to combine your assets exactly how you want them. With seamless communications within and across those resources, your business operations are more streamlined and agile, allowing you to make changes on the fly – instead of months of deployment planning!

How does JODO Cloud connect your Contact Center?

JODO is provided with multiple connectors, allowing you to combine your resources and business technologies into a single platform. With API, SDK and Data Connectors, simply select and connect elements in JODO Cloud to build your own enterprise portal. Connecting global resources with centralized technologies, such as CRM or ERP systems means more control on a granular level – without jeopardizing the security of your organization.

What does JODO Cloud provide to your Contact Center?

A single user-driven Web/Cloud Interface providing

  • Document Repository – a central document store facility supporting business functions.
  • IVR Services – with DTMF, ASR and TTS features and granular voice routing.
  • Inbound Voice Services – with ACD, FIFO, Skills, Group, Team and Geographical routing.
  • Video Services – Core, inbound, conferencing and support functions available.
  • Outbound Services – with preview, predictive and power dialler campaign funtions.
  • Email/SMS/Web Chat – integrated, seamless cross-channnel text communications.
  • Chat Bot – interactive, Agent-less communications for FAQ and enhanced user experiences.
  • Social Media – combined campaign and monitoring tools across multiple channels.
  • Connectors – multiple connectors for CRM, ERP, Database and other enterprise systems.

JODO Private & Public Cloud

JODO is a suite of unified communications solutions developed to be built within a Private & Public Cloud. Reducing your local technology footprint to zero, JODO provides secured, robust, accessible services for any size of the business enterprise, it provides

  • Distributed Architecture: Allows for flexibility in complex deployments across a wide geographical area, reducing system administration and maintenance.
  • Redundancy: Full system business continuity is provided.
  • Disaster Recovery:¬† Full system disaster recovery is available and may be provided.
  • Enterprise Deployments: Extends the functionality of JODO Cloud within a (Private) Business Cloud environment to include more granular deployments at Enterprise scales.
  • High Availability:¬†System component-level high availability is available and may be provided.
  • Multi-tier Architecture: Provides business scalability, data security and distributed user and system access across a multi-tier architecture.
  • Staging: Provides test systems, ensuring least down-time through the application of Business UAT or system testing prior to productionization.
  • User Creation:Allows for business infrastructure to be emulated across the system, adopting center hierachy with change management and MACD processing.
  • Audit Trail: Provides operational and technical areas with an audit trail of system and user changes.
  • Database Integrations Provides business integrations with internal marketing platforms and back office processes.
  • SMB Deployments: Provides “out of the box” functionality across the platform, ensuring SMB entities can deploy elements rapidly.