Curate real-time patient experiences

Where medical adherence drives interactions between healthcare and other medical entities with their patients, it is imperative to ensure that information remains secured and accountable at all times. JODO Cloud provides a central operations center where healthcare service areas are defined once - and deployed across multiple channels instantly. This reduces effort across mediums by providing the same levels of service, irrespective of channel. For patient services, consumer services and social services, JODO Cloud provides a "one-stop" centralized structure, combining core services and providing multiple channels of communications, in real-time.

Patient Services

JODO Cloud combines and connects patients with multiple healthcare services across multiple channels. Where crucial patient or medical information is required in real-time, the flow of data – and access to it by the relevant professional entities – is paramount. JODO Cloud provides a solid infrastructure to support those entities, compartmentalizing patient data and information, making it available based on secured access parameters. The centralized structure of communications, interactions, records and data provides secured, dependable channels for healthcare professionals, providers, caregivers and their patients.

Consumer Services and Support

JODO Cloud supports healthcare supply chains through vendors, pharmacies, health centers, outlets, on-line resources and patients. Through ordering, supply, control and administrative tasks, JODO Cloud provides a centralized infrastructure for healthcare consumer transactions. JODO Cloud’s channel, interaction, data and resource management structure allows you to build a supply chain in minutes – not months!