Fulfill your agency mission

JODO Cloud supports exceptionally complex transaction details from a single platform. Where government legislation drives interactions between government departments and citizens, it is imperative to ensure that that legislation is adhered to, irrespective of the communication channel. JODO Cloud provides a central operations center where services are defined once - and deployed across multiple channels instantly. This reduces effort across mediums by providing the same levels of service, irrespective of channel. For citizen services, consumer services and social services, JODO Cloud provides a "one-stop" centralized structure, combining core services and providing multiple channels of communications, in real-time.

Citizen Services

JODO Cloud supports the deployment of multiple departments, teams and individual resources, supporting government agencies as “entities”. Each government sector may be administered individually – or centrally, combining and reducing effort to maintain citizens services through a single platform/portal. From Housing to Public Safety, Health to Finance, Family Services to Transportation and Community Services, JODO Cloud has the capacity and size to maintain a central communications and information platform for each Sector.

Government Services

JODO Cloud provides Agent-less automated services supporting repetitive tasks across government services. Where departments are required to inform, advise, provide or support enterprise, business, citizen, consumer or other entities, JODO Cloud offers multiple services to release the burden of multiple tasks through automation techniques. From application to verification and sanction, JODO Cloud can support multiple, multi-agency process through interaction channels, document support and data storage.