Redefine customer experiences!

Consumer and Supplier interactions through multiple channels can be orchestrated through the central platform, with the addition of direct communications where required. JODO Cloud offers end-to-end communications with additional data elements to identify goods, transactions, customers, suppliers, vendors and other eCommerce entities, providing an underlying communications strategy supporting global enterprises, irrespective of geography. The combination of communications channels into a single Cloud platform reduces complexity, enhances operations and control - and ultimately supports the digital enterprise strategy.

Integrated Customer Services

Where eCommerce portals provide goods at the point of sale, consumers will always have questions. This drives the need for additional resources and automation, all of which is underpinned by JODO Cloud. Web Chat, Bots, Social Media Channels, Voice and Video.. every channel of interaction required to support eCommerce in one platform, directly linked with your online business. JODO Cloud removes the need for multiple solutions from different providers – or combines them into a single operations center where you control them, in real-time.

Amazing Customer Support

JODO Cloud supports eTicketing and Incident or Issue solutions, providing multiple channels and connecting your support chain across the globe. From initialization, through to resolution, JODO Cloud supports and combines interactions, supporting data and information with multiple channels of communications, allowing you to control the flow of your global operations.