JODO Cloud provides secured Cloud communications with high-end encryption for the banking, finance and insurance sector. With the addition of self-service elements across interaction channels, JODO brings automation to payments and account activities, complying with local, regional, national and international regulations across sectors. JODO combines connectivity between enterprise banking systems and customer-facing resources, including advisors and back office teams with voice, multimedia, and video channels. As the connected world becomes more prevalent, JODO Cloud provides you with the tools to augment, migrate or transfer secured, complex financial transactions to the cloud, reducing operating costs and introducing new technologies supporting eBanking methods and automating tasks, reducing effort.


JODO Cloud combines technologies and resources, providing a hybrid or pure-Cloud banking solutions, combining legacy systems with cutting-edge technologies. With additional self-service elements, bots, Apps and media channels available in real-time, your operations can be “live” in minutes, instead of months. Without the intervention of multiple technology partners – you decide how your business strategy is deployed, operated, accessed and utilized.


JODO Cloud offers multiple methods for financial task and transaction automation, including self-service elements. With the addition of Agent-less bots developed to support your business, you can do more – with less! For high-yield customers, your services can be tailored to suit individual needs – in minutes, not months! Our platform allows you to control accounts, access, operations, transactions and deals – from a single source in the Cloud.


JODO Cloud supports complex insurance transactions, in real-time. Combining existing web-based forms and account data with interactions across channels, you can offer more methods to conduct your business. Through authentication and verification, you will be able to provide automated transactions across communications channels, centralizing your operations while providing multiple methods to conduct your business.