Yoga for Posture

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Remember when we were kids, and we were told by parents, teachers, and other adults to “stand up tall” or “sit up straight”? Posture—it make us look taller, more confident, focused and alert (and even thinner)—but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Posture is responsible for the proper alignment of our vital organs and functioning of the nervous system. Poor posture over time creates negative changes in the body. The way that we sit at our desks, stand, and walk all have an effect on our body’s alignment. If we slouch or have bad posture, chronic backaches, neck pain/stiffness, and carpal tunnel symptoms can result over time. Habitual poor posture can even lead to a hunched upper back (known as excessive kyphosis) or a misalignment in the lower back (also referred to as excessive lordosis).

Yoga is an excellent way to improve posture. It also yields other health benefits such as improved circulation and digestion due to the proper alignment of the spine and organs in the body. Taking a yoga class can also help to counteract and heal the effects due to poor posture in the past. This makes yoga the perfect exercise to heal and prevent injuries due to misalignment.

The positions that are practiced in a yoga class help to strengthen the spine. The stretching can help the ligaments and muscles that support the skeletal system. Yoga also builds a stronger core which will also help to support the spine and improve posture. If the core isn’t as strong as it should be, other muscles around it such as the ones in the mid to lower back take over. This puts undue strain on the back. Much of yoga focuses on breath work, which includes sitting up tall and taking in long, deep breaths.

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