Eastern Medicine and Treatments

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Dr. Robert Kiltz, owner and director of CNY Fertility Centers and CNY Healing Arts Centers, is committed to using the art of Eastern medicine and treatments along with Western practices to achieve optimal health for his clients. This combined approach is widely recognized in the holistic services that are offered at his centers. Over the next several weeks, we will be highlighting many of these services. Among them are acupuncture, meditation and relaxation, massage and Tu Nai, the art of cupping, Moxibustion, exercise, and the Eastern nutritional/herbal approach to harmony in the body.

In Eastern medicine, the focus is on energy force (also known as the Qi, translated to “vital energy”) which travels through the body through various channels or “meridians”. Eastern medicine sees illness or disorders as imbalances in the body (Dr. Rob many times refers to this as “dis-ease”). This approach works on the root of the disorders to bring balance or “ease” into the body, allowing us to function at our best.

Traditional Eastern medicine can be traced back to the Han dynasty, and was referred to as “The Way of Long Life”. It included a diet of herbs and plants, proper exercise, and breathing techniques. As early as the 1930s, Eastern medicine was introduced in the west and has become widely acknowledged and accepted. The benefits come from looking at our health as a “whole” system, versus only specific areas of ailment.

At CNY Healing Arts Center, we have licensed acupuncturists who are learned in Eastern medicine including an array of specialties such as: allergies, the immune system, headaches, TMJ, fertility challenges, headaches, anxiety, depression, as well as many others. Not all of the services are offered at all of our locations, so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding which ones are available in your area or just to find out more about them!

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