Stronger Body, Blissful Mind with Acupuncture

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Picture this: You’re lying in a quiet, peaceful room; your mind is at ease, and your body is relaxed. This is what acupuncture feels like. While you’re in this blissful state, you’re also helping to defend your body against colds and other illnesses. That’s because acupuncture is a preventative eastern medicine which boosts the immune system.

Typically, October-May is cold and flu season. Feeling run down and stressed out (especially during the busy holiday season) adds to the problem by weakening our immunity. If we have already felt overwhelmed to begin with, this can lead to chronic stress. Acupuncture can help us cope with stress, therefore, helping our bodies stay strong to fight off bacterial and viral invaders.

The acupuncture needles are extremely small, thin, and flexible (they’re roughly the diameter of two hairs or much like the diameter of a cat’s whisker!). Many clients state that they don’t feel anything at all or an ever so slight sensation when the needles are inserted. The trained and experienced acupuncturists at CNY Healing Arts Centers can help you to first feel calm through various needle insertions, and then the body follows in a very relaxed state.

The energy or ‘Qi’ in the body begins to travel more effectively, heart rate is lowered, and breathing tends to slow down as the body becomes relaxed and the energy becomes balanced.

The increased levels of cortisol that we have during times of stress decrease with acupuncture. When this occurs our body does what it’s supposed to do—fight off infections. Acupuncture also helps our immune system by increasing serotonin and endogenous opioid peptide levels which are like the body’s natural pain killers, as well as easing muscle tension. Many people note that they feel increased energy after an acupuncture session.

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