Couples Massage: Everything You Need To Know

Couples Massage: Everything You Need To Know

Our CNY Healing Art Center in Syracuse New York specializes in Couples Massage services offering this relaxing and romantic date experience to the greater Upstate New York community. If you and a loved one want to relax together or rekindle a flame, a couples massage is for you!

Our practitioners work together to make the massage experience beneficial for the individual and as a couple.

The price of a couples massage ranges based on the type of massages you choose.

Custom Massages: $60/30 minute, $90/60 minute, $130/90 minute

Specialty Massage: $150/90 minute

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If you are still not sure, read on to find out everything you need to know about a Couples Massage!

Fast Facts

  • Couples massage takes place in a private room
  • Each person will have their own therapist and massage table
  • Couples massages are for everyone; two people in a relationship, friends or with a family member
  • It is your personal choice to talk during treatment or not
  • The benefits include increased affection, comfort to the other person, relaxation, being present, easing tensions
  • The cost varies by location and service, typically a couple’s massage will start around $60+ per person
  • At CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse offers the custom, Hot Stone, Thai Poultice and Warm Bamboo as couples massage

What is a Couples Massage?

A massage is a great way to treat yourself to some self love. It promotes relaxation, healing, stress relief and helps with injury and recovery. A good massage can have lasting benefits that leaves your body healing, circulating blood flow, and improving your overall health even after the massage has finished.

A couple’s massage is a massage for two people that takes place in the same room. It lets you enjoy the benefits of a regular massage in the company of a loved one . There are two separate massage beds side by side with separate massage therapists. At CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, a typical treatment is an hour long but can also be ninety minutes or thirty minutes. The massages take place in a private room, reserved specifically for you and your partner. The massage therapists coordinate so that the massages start and end at the same time.

An increased bond between partners on a mental and physical level is one benefit of a couples massage. It is also normal for friends or loved ones to get this treatment together. The couples massage creates a safe place for you and your partner, whoever it may be, to relax together.

Benefits of a Couple’s Massage

Couples massages can have significant impact on strengthening the bond between partners. A good massage releases oxytocin, otherwise known as the ‘love hormone’. So, when you get a couple’s massage, love is literally in the air! A couple’s massage can create increased affection towards one another coming from a safe space of calm and ease.

A gift card for a massage or a surprise trip to the spa can be a great idea for special occasions or holiday’s as an alternative to an expensive meal. The benefits of a massage will last longer on you and your partner well past dinner time. You will feel refreshed, connected and brand new after leaving your treatment. In Syracuse, we have beautiful spa amenities such as the aqua terrace, steam showers, dry saunas and a relaxation room that are open to clients at no additional cost. Coming early for your appointment or staying after to enjoy these amenities will give your spa experience an added boost.

Another great benefit of a couple’s massage is that it gives comfort to someone who has never tried massage before and might be reluctant about getting one. Having someone else they know in the room can help make the setting more comfortable. This massage is also great for a partner that might be apprehensive to the idea of being naked in a room with someone other than their partner. Getting massaged together can bring some peace of mind to the idea of it.

Massages help you stay present. It is often hard to be present and in the moment when dealing with life’s stresses. Being able to be present together with a loved one is a great way to let go of the past and stresses of the future. This sense of being present helps partners to reconnect by bringing some mindfulness into their lives together.

Couples Massage at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse

When you arrive at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, you and your partner will be greeted with plush robes upon check in. After you are given a tour of the facility, you will enter separate men and women’s retreats where you have the option to shower, use the dry sauna or change into swim suits to enjoy the co-ed aqua terrace before your treatment. When it is about 5 minutes before your appointment, you will follow the stairs or take the elevator up to our top floor. There you will find two outside balconies with lounge chairs and tables and an indoor waiting room filled with comfy chairs and couches. Help yourself to our complimentary water, tea and coffee while you wait for your appointment to begin.

Your therapists will greet you by calling your name. It is always best to use the rest room prior to treatment as to not interrupt yours or your partners massage. Once in your private room, each therapist will ask about your health history as well as what you are looking for out of the massages as well as what kind of pressure you are looking for. Once settled in, the therapists will exit the room leaving you to un-robe and get comfortable on the table in private.

A few moments later they will return and your session will begin. It is up to you and your partner if you would like your treatment to be in silence or if you choose to conversate. The massage therapist will follow your lead.  Your therapist will check in on you throughout the massage asking about the pressure. If anything is ever uncomfortable, let them know and they will adjust accordingly.

After your treatment, your therapists will exit the room leaving you and your partner to re- adjust and get changed back into your robes. Once you are all set, your therapists will greet you outside the door with a cup of water and lead you to our dimmed relaxation room filled with comfy chairs, couches, and a fireplace. We encourage couples to spend all the time they need in to room to enjoy the relaxation and each other’s company. After you have properly recovered, you are invited to use the amenities again before the end of your stay. Our locker rooms are equipped with body and face towels as well as sandals for you to use during your stay.

What type of Massages are Available At CNY Syracuse & How much do they Cost?

Our couples massages at CNY include:

Custom Massage: 30 minutes $60/person, 60 minutes $90/person, 90 minutes $130/person

90 minute Hot Stone $150/person

90 Minute Thai Poultice $150/person

90 Minute Warm Bamboo $150/person

*You can mix and match massages as long as they are both the same length of time*