Prenatal Massage at Syracuse and Rochester, NY

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Prenatal Massage at Syracuse and Rochester, NY

Our CNY Healing Art Center in Syracuse and Rochester New York specialize in Prenatal Massage! Since CNY Healing Arts is an extension of CNY Fertility, you are in good hands getting a Prenatal massage with us because we know babies! Our CNY massage therapists in Syracuse and Rochester are certified and ready to comfort you and ease tensions or discomforts associated with pregnancy.


Syracuse: $65/30 minutes, $95/60 minutes

Rochester: $55/30 minutes, $85/ 60 minutes

Call our Syracuse office at 315-671-5755 or our Rochester office at 585-724-5750 ext. 2 to schedule a Prenatal Massage now!

To learn more on the benefits and precautions, read on!

Prenatal Massage

Fast Facts:

  • A pregnant woman can get a prenatal massage after the first trimester

  • Prenatal massage can help relieve common pregnancy symptoms such as swelling, discomfort,

  • Always let your massage therapist know you are pregnant when booking

  • It is always best to check with your provider before having a Prenatal massage

  • Make sure your massage therapist is certified in Prenatal Massage

What is a Prenatal Massage

Massage has been used for years to relieve stress, improve health, and bring comfort back into the body. Prenatal massage includes all of those benefits but is also comforting the momma with specific techniques who is bringing life into this world!

A typically prenatal massage is a Swedish massage. A Swedish, relaxation massage will help relieve pregnancy symptoms such as anxiety, muscle aches, swelling and improve pregnancy labor plus newborn health.

Prenatal massage is performed by trained massage therapists who have been certified for Prenatal massage. There are specific techniques used to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and address specific points in the body that are typically uncomfortable during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

Studies have shown that regulating hormones from massage can have a significant impact on a pregnant woman’s mood and overall health. Bi-weekly massage can improve feelings of depression that are associated with pregnancy.

How a Prenatal massage is Different than a Regular Massage

A Prenatal massage caters specifically to the changes in the body during pregnancy. During a regular massage, you typically lay on your back for the first half and then flip over to your stomach for the second half. With a prenatal massage, it all depends on what stage of pregnancy Mom is in. For example, laying on your stomach might be uncomfortable for Mom and the baby and laying face up, can sometimes put pressure on blood vessels that can disrupt blood flow to the baby, causing feeling of nausea.

Because pregnant women literally have a human growing inside of them, causing their stomach and breasts to grow, a pregnancy pillow is used with specific cushioning and holes to allow the body to lay comfortably. Another option is to lay on their side with the assistance of cushioning. During a regular massage, these added cushions are not needed.

A Prenatal massage is typically a Swedish, relaxation massage, especially on the legs. Deep pressure on the legs while pregnant is a big NO, NO. Since being pregnant makes women more susceptible to blood clots, deep tissue massage is avoided so to not dislodge blood clots. A gentle massage on the legs will still feel AMAZING! Firmer pressure is acceptable on other parts of the body.

Since heat is avoided during pregnancy, the massage bed will not be warmed prior to the massage.

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Loosen muscles
  • Increase blood flow
  • This helps flush out toxins and keeps the lymphatic system working
  • Helps with mentality during pregnancy
    • Massage acts as a comfort, and can aide in relieving depression symptoms
  • Help relieve pain associated with pregnancy such as:
    • Joint pain
    • Neck
    • Back
    • Sciatica
    • Insomnia
    • Leg Cramps
  • Reduce swelling
  • Alleviate headaches and congestion

Safety & Risk

Massage during the first 3 months of pregnancy may lead to dizziness or morning sickness as well as an increased risk for miscarriage associated during the first trimester.

Certain trigger points have been known to induce contractions. It is extremely important to let your therapist know you are pregnant, or could be pregnant prior to massage, in order to avoid these pressure points.

When scheduling, make sure it is with a therapist certified in Prenatal Massage. They will know what areas of the body to avoid and to massage. You can also feel at ease knowing they will be able to help relieve any pain or pressure that arises during your massage associated with pregnancy.

Let your massage therapist know any symptoms or sicknesses you are having during your pregnancy to avoid further complications.

Women who have experienced any of the following symptoms should contact their provider before having a massage:

  • Bleeding
  • Are a high-risk pregnancy
  • Previous pre-term labor
  • Sever swelling
  • High blood pressure
  • Recently gave birth
  • Pre-term contractions

When can I get a Prenatal Massage?

After the first trimester is generally when pregnant women can start getting prenatal massages. It is always best to check with a doctor first for the go ahead.


Cost of a prenatal massage typically ranges from $60-$120 depending on where you are having it done as well as how long the massage it.

Prenatal Massage at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse & Rochester NY:

CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse and Rochester NY are one of the top massages places to get a Prenatal massage. Why? Because we are the sister business to CNY Fertility! Everyday we are meeting and helping women get pregnant! If you are a pregnant woman, you can feel confident in choosing CNY to help you on your pregnancy journey!

*We advise against using our aqua terrace, dry sauna and use of steam in our steam showers while pregnant.

What to expect at CNY

At CNY, the pregnancy pillow is optional. If a pregnant woman chooses to forego the pillow, the therapist will perform a massage with the client on their side so to not disrupt the baby. Each person is different on what they find most comfortable.

“Laying on the pregnancy pillow was so comfortable for me during my massage! I had not been able to lay on my stomach for weeks, so being able to do it comfortably was great. The massage was so relaxing, I fell asleep and had to be woken up at the end!”

-CNY Syracuse Client, Amber

During the beginning of pregnancy and middle, attention to pressure points are avoided during massage. If it is the end of your pregnancy and you are close to your due date or past, massage therapists at CNY can pay attention to these pressure points. They agree it is better to go naturally then be induced with drugs. This is only done with the client’s consent. A massage therapist would never decide on their own to apply pressure to these points.