Warm Bamboo Massage in Syracuse, NY

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Warm Bamboo Massage in Syracuse, NY

Warm Bamboo Massage at CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, NY

Our CNY Healing Art Center in Syracuse New York specializes in Warm Bamboo Massage. Our massage therapist Kristin Biondi was trained by the founder of Bamboo Fusion Massage in 2016. Kristin has years of experience as an LMT and caters each massage to her individual client.

Price of a Warm Bamboo Massage in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse: $150/90 minute

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To schedule, call our Syracuse office at 315-671-5755!

If your still not convinced the ultimate relaxation plus deep tissue work of a Warm Bamboo Massage is for you, read on to learn the benefits!

Fast Facts

  • Warm Bamboo Massage uses warmed bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage
  • The sticks act as an extension of the massage therapists hands
  • This is a warm treatment
  • A treatment is typically an hour to an hour and a half long
  • Great for deep tissue work

What is a Warm Bamboo Massage?

A heated bamboo massage may sound new, but bamboo has been an important part of eastern culture for generations. It is a renewable resource, and some feel it has an energy all of its own!

Heating the bamboo tools helps increase relaxation. The set of tools can provide a variety of techniques and pressure during the massage. The tools act as an extension of the massage therapists’ hands for Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point work. The bamboo sticks offer a kneading and ironing element that helps release muscle tensions. The combination of the bamboo tools and technique can be especially beneficial in a deep tissue massage.

The bamboo sticks are varying sizes. Some are fully circular while some have one smooth, flat side and the other side is rounded. The smoothness of the tools helps the therapist penetrate and maneuver the tools to hit certain muscle groups that usually cannot be penetrated by deep tissue work with a therapist’s hands. This makes deep tissue massage easier on the therapist to perform on the client.


  • The Bamboo Tools helps the massage therapist get deeper into muscle groups than they could with just their hands/fingers
  • Relieve muscle ache
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Can help skin glow because of the ingredients in bamboo such as silica
    • Silica helps the body absorb calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals.
  • Help alleviate psoriasis and eczema
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Increases flexibility

The tools break down muscle tensions felt in the legs, feet, and IT bands. As such, this massage is especially great for runners, cyclists, and athletes for enhancing sport performance.

This type of massage also has its advantages for the massage therapist. The tools help to minimize stress put on the therapists arms, hands and fingers. Less stress on their own body lets them penetrate deeper into the muscle groups to help achieve the desired pressure. Once the therapist is comfortable with the bamboo sticks through training, they can maneuver and use them as trigger point work like they would with their hands/fingers.

How to Prepare for a Bamboo Massage

When deciding where you want to get your massage, make sure it is with a massage therapist who has been trained in performing the bamboo massage.

It’s also important to make sure you hydrate your body prior to your massage. Why?

Massage releases toxins in the body. Hydrating before and after helps the body break down these toxins easier. Hydrated muscles are also easier for a massage therapist to manipulate and move around over a dehydrated muscle.

What to Expect During a Warm Bamboo Massage

During the massage, your massage therapist will use the different tools on your entire body. Depending on the muscle groups, different tools or techniques may be used.

This is a warm treatment since the tools are heated as well as the massage bed. If you fear you will become too warm during your massage, let the receptionist know ahead of time and the bed will not be warmed. Since the body is stimulated by the heat, it helps circulate toxins and remove them. This improves lymphatic drainage and gets rid of excess fluids throughout the body. A warm bamboo massage is a great treatment if you are looking for a little detox on the body.


The cost of a Warm Bamboo Massage ranges from $50 up to around $175 depending on where you have this service done and the training behind it.

Warm Bamboo Massage at CNY in Syracuse

At CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse, we have one massage therapist, Kristin Biondi, who specializes in the Warm Bamboo Massage. Kristin is a certified Bamboo Fusion therapist taught by the founder Nathalie Cecilia in 2016. Kristin has been a NYS licensed massage therapist since 2001. Kristin’s other modalities practices include: prenatal massage, hot stone and Thai poultice as well as Swedish and deep tissue techniques.

“I really liked when Kristin used the large bamboo tool on my legs. When she rolled it on the back of my upper leg, it felt like a foam roller. It was great for muscle recovery and got really deep into my thicker, tight muscle groups!”

About Bamboo Fusion Massage

Information found at Bamboo Fusion

“Our goal is to provide a solid foundation through our hands-on workshops for our graduates to be confident in the technique.  Our hand saving technique helps extend the careers of massage therapists and bodyworkers by reducing repetitive use and stress injuries.

Bamboo Fusion is an innovative modality that integrates the use of heat and bamboo tools in varying shapes and sizes to apply massage to the muscles body.

Warm bamboo massage is a very versatile technique that can be applied as a luxurious Swedish style spa treatment or for deep tissue massage. The gentle heat from the bamboo increases circulation and softens muscle tissue and fascial restrictions.

The tools were created to be an extension of your hands and designed to easily replicate the movements and techniques we do with our hands, thumbs and forearms. Kneading, compression, rolling, Trigger Point Therapy and effleurage all combine together in this amazing hand saving modality. Since the tools are comfortable to hold you are able to apply very deep pressure with ease.

Introducing tools into your practice means working smarter not harder. Our tools help reduce fatigue while avoiding strain on your hands and wrists. Bamboo-Fusion® massage is a career extending modality your clients will love.”