Massage: An Intuitive, Ancient Response

By CNY Healing Arts Published on

In our western culture we have adopted many eastern therapies into our integrative health care approach. Massage is a just one of those therapies that is used to help with healing, soothing, and providing total relaxation and stress relief.

It is natural for us to use the art of massage even on our own bodies when we are in pain; it is an innate reflex. For example, when we have a headache, we rub our temples to bring relief. When our shoulder or neck hurts, we squeeze and massage the area to lessen the pain and help stimulate blood flow to the area. Think back to when you were a child and took a tumble or a fall—more often than not the reaction would have been to place your hand on the painful affected area (such as your knee or elbow) and apply pressure in a circular or back and forth motion (most likely while saying “Ouch!” and crying).

This intuitive reflex of massaging painful muscles was first recorded in China. Tu Nai, one early form of massage which actually translates to “push and grasp”, dates back 4,700 years! Tu Nai is bodywork performed to stimulate the flow of blood and energy for healing purposes by focusing on joints and muscles at acupuncture points (acupressure).

Japanese Shiatsu works on a similar theory that there are energy channels throughout the body which can develop disturbances that are relieved through applying pressure.

Massage can help the adhesions that are blocking circulation which causes pain and works to restore movement, and reduces inflammation. This makes it an excellent choice for those with repetitive strain injuries.

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